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We are happy to offer you sermons in a mp3 format. Please select which sermon you would like to listen to by clicking on the media button. If you receive a message saying there is a problem playing this media file, you can download the mp3 to your computer or you can use the Google Music Play or other listening apps to play online through your Google Account. If you do not have the means to listen to a mp3, please contact the church office; CD copies are available.


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03/05/2023Sunday The Secrets of the Gospel - Pastor Ron (March 5, 2023.mp3)
10:30am Ephesians
Download March 5, 2023.mp3
03/12/2023Sunday The Secrets of a World Gone Mad - Pastor Ron (March 12, 2023.mp3)
10:30am 2 Thessalonians
Download March 12, 2023.mp3
03/19/2023Sunday The Secrets of the Second Coming of Christ - Pastor Ron (March 19, 2023.mp3)
Download March 19, 2023.mp3
03/26/2023Sunday The Secrets of God - Pastor Ron (March 26, 2023.mp3)
10:30am Job
Download March 26, 2023.mp3
04/02/2023Sunday Christ's Triumphant Entry - Pastor Ron (April 2, 2023.mp3)
Download April 2, 2023.mp3
04/09/2023Sunday Easter Message - Pastor George Sprague (April 9, 2023 (Easter).mp3)
Download April 9, 2023 (Easter).mp3

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