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Prayer List

Pray for comfort, healing and God's perfect will for each request.

JCC Family

Felicia Fairbrother - Chronic health issues

Nancy Gibson - Cancer

Russell Gilbert – Declining health

Ray Hooker – Very sick from chemotherapy treatments

Peyton and Raymond Hooker – Personal struggles

Phyllis Kline - Health

Judy Murray - Health

Bethel Root – Chemotherapy for kidney disease

Rex Root - Health

Mike Toles - Cancer

Extended Family and Friends

Mandy Lewis - Personal struggles between her parents and brother

Carol Miller-Murphey's cousin, Ken - Esophageal cancer

Karen Workman's sister, Judy - Health


JCC Family, Ministries and Finances

National, State and Local Leaders 1 Timothy 2:2a

Fellow Christians in Ukraine


Service Members

Holden Chesher, Army National Guard

Justin Evison, Army

Harold Montague, Jr., Army National Guard

Jim Siegle, Army National Guard - Home from Kuwait


Missionaries: Please read missionary letters posted on mission’s board.

Amanda Bloom – $256 support increase, new apartment by Mar 31

Ken Bresser – Ken’s health, burden for children in Ukraine affected by war

Lynn Herlein – CEF President and instructor replacements, training coursework

Keith Kenney – Gospel impact at Bible sessions and retreats, sons walk with

    the Lord, encouragement, wisdom in ministries.

Karl Rewa – Healing for Karl following oral surgery, Dale’s lung health

Joann Sipes – Finances, new staff person, more clubs, health