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Prayer List

Please pray for comfort, peace, healing and God's perfect will for each request.

JCC Family

Sheri Bisballe – cancer treatment

Dave Eisenga – Praise! results from echocardiogram showed near normal function

Felicia Fairbrother - Chronic health issues

Nancy Gibson - Cancer

Russell Gilbert – Declining health

Ray Hooker – Cancer treatments

Peyton and Raymond Hooker – Personal struggles

Phyllis Kline – Awaiting kidney surgery

Judy Murray - Health

Ryan Pintrick - Poor lung health

Bethel Root – chemotherapy for kidney disease (18 weeks)

Extended Family and Friends

Evan & Hannah Eising's son, Walter - Born 3 months premature

Kathy Emory’s sister, Debbie – recovering from a heart attack and 2 strokes

Mandy Lewis - Personal struggles between her parents and brother

Richard Pintrick's cousin, Robin - recovering from open heart surgery

Stan Wheaton, Matt's dad – Awaiting results from bladder biopsy


Fellow Christians in Ukraine

JCC Family, Ministries and Finances

National, State and Local Leaders 1 Timothy 2:2a


Service Members

Holden Chesher, Army National Guard

Justin Evison, Army

Harold Montague, Jr., Army National Guard

Jim Siegle, Army National Guard


Missionaries (Please read missionary letters posted on mission’s board)

Amanda Bloom - needs support level increase of $300/month; travel mercies as she travels to supporting churches; visiting JCC Dec 4.

Ken Bresser – Ken’s health; burdened for the children suffering from the trauma of the Ukrainian war.

Kathy Gleckler - currently staying at mission house in Manton; visiting Michigan churches.

Lynne Herlein - The CEF President retired, pray for replacement; training coursework for CMI.

Kevin Kenney - Salvation for Moia Marketplace attendees; Bible Study; camp.

Karl Rewa: Fund raising dinner; encouraged by recent baptism service and friends to help grow ministry

Joanne Sipes - Need one new person on staff, more Good News Clubs, finances, Joann’s health, churches for open hearts to reach children for Christ


-JCC is liable for posted prayer requests, therefore, permission is required by the "Subject."

-Prayer requests will remain for two weeks.

-The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16